Owner/Director: Christen Blythe


Christen brings several years of certified teaching experience to Precious Moments Learning Center, and she is dedicated to having a structured curriculum plan for the children that will allow their minds to grow and be more advanced before they start grade school. She also has 22 graduate hours toward building administration, which brings pertinent leadership skills to the facility. With her education, experience, knowledge and the help of her staff, PMLC is a top of the line facility.


Site Supervisors: Lauren Goode and Naomi Watson

Nursery Staff

Lead Teachers: April Banks/Ann Abel

Toddler Staff:

Lead Teacher: Lauren Goode

Pre-Kindergarten 3 years Staff:

Lead Teacher: Jamie Tipton

Afternoon Teacher:Ashlee Hankins

Pre-Kindergarten 4-5 years Staff:

Lead Teacher: Katlyn Young

Afternoon Teacher: Pam Weeks

School Age Staff:

Lead Teacher: Stephanie Bowers


Alyssa Greene

Addyson Smith